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Happy to undertake a range of commissions smaller scale more advisory roles, through to larger and more involved projects of refurbishment and redecoration. It’s your choice

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I’m a lover of simple uncluttered spaces with a calm atmosphere and a preference for that mix of  ‘older’ objects with new. I always aim to create an ambience of comfort and ease, although I’m certainly not impartial to a touch of glam!

Having worked for more than 20 years as a freelance photographic stylist I’ve gained lots of experience and developed a rather eclectic taste, a keen eye for detail and an understanding of the importance of  ‘small’ things to the overall bigger picture….

I draw on various references and influences to create that final je ne sais quoi! There are no rules as such. The process for me is a spontaneous one, drawn from the particular mood, style, and setting of each individual property and its owners.

Natural woods, stone, metal and concrete and are some of my favourite elements. I like to blend these together where possible and relevant, softened by natural fabrics, texture and tonal interplay.

After several recent coincidences both in the UK and abroad I now find that the world of interiors and design is drawing me back in and I’m totally delighted about that.


The images shown below are a selection from my most recent projects.

House la France

Once a dark and somewhat dingy property in southern France now transformed into a bright, light and very comfortable home available for holiday rental. The renovation process took over three years to complete and involved the learning new skills so as to effectively work with and use local materials. It was an exciting adventure.

Village House


Chateau d’Humierès

This is an on-going project to bring life back to a once forgotten chateau in the north of France. The aim is to respect where possible the crumbling beauty of this once impressive and dominant building. The renovation is being followed by Channel 4 UK and due to be broadcast before Christmas under the title ‘Escape To The Chateau DIY’’

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Current Projects

Bringing life back to the Chateau d’Humierès

Chateau de Lucheux development project

A barn conversion into a dwelling

Refurbishment of a period property with many wonderful features

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